from the Municipal Public Library in Gliwice

  1. Electronic equipment can be borrowed free of charge by an adult, enrolled in the library and having all payments to MBP settled. An exception is the Reader Plus device, which can be borrowed free of charge by an adult who is registered in the library and has all debts paid to MBP and has a disability certificate due to a visual impairment.
  2. When renting electronic equipment, the user is obliged to present an ID card and sign the Declaration (Appendix No. 1).
  3. By signing the Declaration, you accept these regulations.
  4. Electronic equipment is rented for 30 days. You can extend this period up to 3 times by another 30 days, provided that another User has not reported the will to borrow any of the devices.
  5. A penalty is charged for keeping electronic equipment beyond the agreed date (according to the Price List). Detailed rules for calculating penalties are set out in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USING THE COLLECTIONS OF THE CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY IN GLIWICE (§ 7).
  6. Users can use e-books saved in the reader memory under a license. The user has the right to upload any e-books to the reader in accordance with applicable law and within the scope of their rights. The Library is not responsible for copyrights to materials posted on readers by Users. At the time of returning the reader, the User must delete all files uploaded by him.
  7. The user returns the electronic equipment together with the borrowed accessories (e.g. USB cable, manual, box, pen) in a non-deteriorated condition.
  8. In the case of destruction or damage to electronic equipment, the User will be charged for the repair. If the repair is not possible or its cost exceeds the value of the device, or if the equipment is lost or stolen, the User is obliged to buy a device with similar technical parameters. The choice of a specific model takes place after consultation with the Library.
  9. The user may not make electronic equipment available to third parties.
  10. The user is obliged to use the devices in accordance with the attached instruction manual.
  11. The librarian is obliged to check its physical condition of the returning electronic equipment and the completeness of the set.
  12. In matters not covered by these regulations, the relevant legal provisions shall apply.

Regulation is obligated from 5th March 2019


Appendix 1: Declaration of user