§ 1

  1. The collections of the Municipal Public Library in Gliwice, hereinafter referred to as the Library, are made available free of charge. Users who have previously subscribed to the Library are entitled to use them.
  2. When registering, the applicant should:
    • show an identity document with a photo, provide the address of residence and PESEL number,
    • read the Regulations,
    • undertake to comply with it on the record shee
  3. Citizens of other countries should present a passport or other identity document, fill in the registration form and – after reading the Regulations – sign it.
  4. Parents or legal guardians are responsible and sign the obligation for the underage Reader. The basis for the registration is an ID card or other document with a photo of one of the parents or legal guardian.
  5. By signing the undertaking, the Reader confirms his place of residence.
  6. The Reader is obliged to inform the Library about any changes to the personal data included in the registration card (name, address, seizure).
  7. The account of an inactive reader for 5 years is removed from the readers’ database (provided that the borrowed collections are returned and there are no obligations to the Library).

§ 2

In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (hereinafter referred to as GDPR ), Municipal Public Library in Gliwice, ul. Kościuszki 17 informs that:

  1. The administrator of the personal data provided above is the Municipal Public Library in Gliwice with its seat at ul. Kościuszki 17, 44-100 Gliwice, tel. 32 238 25 10.
  2. In matters of personal data protection, information is provided by the Data Protection Officer, e-mail:
  3. Personal data is collected for purposes related to the use of library materials and services, for statistical purposes, in matters related to the enforcement of obligations towards the library and for the implementation of activities resulting from legal provisions, in particular the Act on libraries.
  4. Providing personal data is not obligatory, however, it is necessary to use the library services. Providing a telephone number and e-mail address is voluntary, it is used for communication with the reader or for marketing activities.
  5. Personal data will not be made available to other recipients, except for entities authorized under the law and entities for which the provision of data is necessary for the performance of a specific service, eg postal operators, legal services.
  6. Personal data will not be transferred to third countries and international organizations and will not be subject to automated decision-making processes, including profiling.
  7. Personal data will be processed and stored for the period of using the library services and to the extent required by law or to secure any claims. The data of people who do not have any obligations towards the library will be deleted after 5 years from the moment of ceasing to use the library.
  8. You have the right to access your data and rectify, delete or limit processing, object to processing, and to transfer data (to the extent specified in Articles 15-18 and Articles 20-21 of the GDPR). In cases where the processing takes place on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing which was carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.
  9. In disputes or in cases of recognition that the processing of personal data by the Library violates the provisions of the GDPR, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

§ 3

  1. Confirmation of entry is a personal library card, which the reader is obliged to show each time he uses the library.
  2. The library card entitles to:
    1. use the library collections in all the Library’s facilities,
    2. use of computers and other devices and the Internet.
  3. Issuing a library card is free of charge. For issuing a duplicate card, in the event of its loss or destruction by the Reader, the Library charges fees in accordance with the current The Price List.
  4. The library is not responsible for the use of the library card by third persons, until the card owner submits and blocks the card.
  5. The Reader may authorize, in writing, an adult with full legal capacity to exercise the rights arising from these Regulations on his behalf.
  6. The authorized person referred to in sec. 5, there may also be another Reader, provided that he or she does not keep the collections, has settled amounts due to the Library and in no way violates the provisions of these Regulations.
  7. For acts or omissions of the authorized person referred to in sec. 5, the reader is responsible as for his own actions or omissions.
  8. The rules of using the Internet and computer workstations are specified in The Regulations for the use of computers, other devices and the Internet

§ 4

  1. The outer garment and hand luggage should be left in the place indicated by the librarian.
  2. The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended.
  3. It is forbidden to bring bicycles, animals to the Library (the ban does not apply to guide dogs) and to make phone calls.
  4. When there is an infectious disease in the Reader’s home (e.g. COVID-19), he cannot use the Library.
  5. In situations threatening safety and order, the Library employees have the right to ask the appropriate uniformed services for intervention.
  6. In the event of the necessity to evacuate people staying in the Library premises or in other situations posing a threat to life and health, it is absolutely necessary to comply with the orders issued by the Library employees until the arrival of the relevant services.
  7. A Reader who does not comply with these Regulations or behaves inconsistently with generally applicable standards (in particular, being under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants, behaving aggressively or without respecting the needs of other readers) may be denied the right to use the Library. The decision in this matter is made by the head of the facility in consultation with the Director of the Library, and the Reader is obliged to comply with the decision of the head of the facility.



§ 5

  1. The Reader can borrow one-time for a period not longer than 30 days:
    • 5 books
    • 5 spoken books (audiobooks)
    • 5 issues of journals (except for current issues)
    • 3 board games
    • 3 films
    • 3 music CD/DVD
    • 3 electronic documents
    • 1 electronic device.
      • At the Library branches the Reader may borrow a maximum of 15 items listed above.
  2. Detailed rules for renting devices (eg. e-book reader, graphic tablet, etc.) are specified in The Regulations for renting electronic equipment from the Municipal Public Library in Gliwice.
  3. The collections return deadline can be extended up to 3 times if it has not been booked. Prolongs can be made:
    • personally on any agenda of the Library,
    • by phone,
    • via the Reader’s online account, available in the electronic catalog of the Library,
    • via e-mail.
  4. The library may shorten the deadline for returning collections if they are particularly sought after items.
  5. Loans and returns of collections are registered by the Reader with the librarian on duty. Returns can also be made via the drop safe, located in the Central Library at ul. Kościuszki 17. In this case, the returns will be processed on the next business day at the latest.
  6. When borrowing valuable, rare or hard-to-find works, the Reader must fill in the library slip.
  7. The elderly, sick, physically disabled people, people with mobility problems, and residents of Gliwice districts where no library facility does not operate are entitled to use the PHONE BOOK SERVICE.
  8. Collections should be ordered by phone: 32 231 54 05. Deliveries are made on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8.00 to 14.00. The service is free.



§ 6

  1. The Reader may make a maximum of 5 bookings of collections currently borrowed by other users.
  2. Reservations can be made:
    • in person on any agenda of the Library,
    • by phone,
    • through the Internet user account available in the electronic catalog of the Library.
  3. The reserved collections should be collected by the Reader within 7 days from the moment of making the reservation at the latest. After this time, they will be made available to the next waiting person.



§ 7

  1. At the request of the reader, the library may bring in collections from other branches of the Library in Gliwice.
  2. The order fulfillment time depends on the Library’s current transport capabilities and is usually up to 14 days. This deadline may change due to unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Once the item has been ordered, it will not be possible to change the selected pickup point.
  4. The Library informs the reader by phone or e-mail about the completion of the order and the date of receipt of collection.
  5. The Reader should collect the imported collections within 7 days at the latest. After this time, they will be returned to the parent branch. The Library may refuse to bring back collections that have not been collected on time.



§ 8

  1. The Reader using the library collections on site in the reading rooms, the Press Reading Room and the Scientific Reading Room is obliged to leave the library card with the librarian on duty.
  2. The reference collection is used only on the spot and only through the librarian.
  3. The reader must obtain the librarian’s consent to copy library materials. Photocopying is possible in branches with self-service copying machines.
  4. Scanning is possible in branches having the appropriate device.
  5. A fee is charged for the service in accordance with the Price List.
  6. It is obligatory to keep silence in the reading room, and it is forbidden to eat meals and make phone calls.



§ 9

  1. The Reader is obliged to return the borrowed collections within the deadline without calling the Library.
  2. The Library charges fees specified in the Price List for keeping the collections beyond the agreed date.
  3. Fees for keeping collections borrowed for a shorter period (on the reverse) are set individually before borrowing by the branch manager, and the reader agrees to it with his / her signature.
  4. If, for reasons attributable to the Library, it is impossible to return or extend the borrowed collections, the Library does not charge for keeping them for the duration of the reason preventing their return or extension.
  5. If the Reader does not return the borrowed collections and does not settle accounts with the Library within the period specified in these Regulations, his account is automatically blocked in all the Library’s branches until the obligations are settled.
  6. If, according to as at 31 December of a given calendar year, the period of keeping the collection is equal to or exceeds 3 years, the collection is considered lost within the meaning of 10 sec. 2. The Reader is obliged to pay the compensation determined on the terms set out in § 10 sec. 2.
  7. In the cases described in sec. 6, the fee for keeping the library materials is charged until the collection is deemed lost. In this case, the Reader is obliged to pay compensation for unreturned library materials and fees for keeping library materials.
  8. A reader who has unsettled liabilities towards the Library may not be a guarantor of a minor or authorized to another reader’s account.
  9. The surety person who has unpaid obligations towards the Library may not use the underage child’s account to borrow books for himself. The child, on the other hand, uses his account without restrictions.
  10. The Reader has the right to submit a request for redemption, deferral or payment of all or part of the liability into installments. The application template is available on the Library’s website and in all its institutions. The application is considered by the Director of the Library.
  11. The Director’s decision is discretionary and final.
  12. The period of postponing the repayment date may not exceed 12 months.
  13. The period of repayment of receivables, divided into installments, may not exceed 12 months. In justified cases, this period may be extended up to a maximum of 36 months.
  14. Information about the examination of the application shall be sent to the Reader within 30 days from the date of submitting the application.



§ 10

  1. The Reader is obliged to respect the collections, and should also pay attention to their condition before borrowing. Any damage should be reported to the librarian.
  2. The Reader should buy back or pay for lost or damaged collections. The amount of compensation is determined by the head of the branch or department, depending on the current value of a given item.
  3. The Reader receives a receipt for the sums paid as compensation.
  4. In the event of damage or loss of a borrowed document, the Reader, with the consent of the branch manager, may provide other types of collections useful to the Library, but of no less value.
  5. Copying of music and audiovisual collections on CDs and DVDs is prohibited.



§ 11

  1. Readers may submit complaints and motions to the Director of the Municipal Public Library in Gliwice at Kościuszki Street 17.



§ 12

  1. The Director of the Library has the right to close branches for a specified period or limit the scope of their work due to failure, renovation, cleaning works, inventory of collections or other important reasons.
  2. Amendments to the Regulations are made public by placing them on the Library website and placing them in a visible place in all library facilities.
  3. After 30 days from providing information about changes, the Reader is deemed to have accepted them.
  4. Current informations on the Library’s activities are published on the website and in individual branches.


Regulation is obligated from 20th January 2021